5 Extraordinary Kids Playing Punk Music on YouTube

Punk is a popular music genre which originated from rock and roll of the early 1950s in the United States. It has at least 22 sub-genres and its typical musical instruments are electric guitar and bass guitar.

Classically, rock music is played by adults using an electric guitar. Here are some extraordinary kids who playpunk music and have millions of views making them popular on YouTube.

The Mini Band

The uploaded YouTube video “Enter Sandman Metallica by The Mini Band” has 14 million views to date. Metallica is an American band playing heavy metal that has received a number of Grammy awards.

The talented punk rock star members of The Mini Band are all children from the UK ages 8 to 10 years old. They are Zoe Thomson, Harry Jackson, Kieran Fell, Harrison Read, Charlie Emmons, and Archie Zolotuhin. They love to play heavy metal, a genre of rock music.

Aidan Fisher

This 11-year-old kid performed Eruption and You Really Got Me with Steel Panther. The video has 13 million views. Steel Panther’s music genres are comedy rock, glam metal, and heavy metal. Glam metal is a subgenre of heavy metal which has a blend of pop-influenced hooks and guitar riffs.

Yuto Miyazawa

The video showing Yuto Miyazawa, a Japanese kid, playing Crazy Train on electric guitar with Ozzy has 12 million views on YouTube. John Michael Osbourne or popularly called Ozzy was the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath. The band plays heavy metal.

Ryan Watson

This 9-year-old kid’s YouTube video has a total of 7.9 million views on YouTube. The title of the video uploaded was “Rock the Farm” and features 9-year-old Ryan Watson covering “Crazy Train” with his band Unavailable.

In the video, Ryan Watson was playing the song Crazy Train. This song was the first single of Ozzy Osbourne’s debut solo album called Blizzard of Ozz in 1980.

WJM Band

The name of the band is an acronym which stands for William, Jeremy, and Max. The video which showed Jeremy playing the guitar has 5.3 million views on YouTube. The title of the YouTube video is “6th-grade band WJM performs halftime of Stanford game”.

These 6th graders of the WJM Band were playing the TNT. It is a song from the hard rock band AC/DC in 1975. Hard rock is a subgenre of rock music that is characterized by heavy use of aggressive vocals.

These kids are absolutely amazing. I could never do that when I was their age. They are definitely extraordinary.Their parents must be very proud of them. And, I’m pretty sure they would go places with their extraordinary talent.  Indeed, there is a brighter future for kids who love music.

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