4 Singers Who Helped in Building Community Skate parks

Community skateparks have immense social and economic significance. It is intentionally created for skateboarding. As an action sport, skateboarding primarily uses a skateboard in riding and performing tricks.

Singers Who Helped Build Skateparks

Here are the 4 famous American singers who significantly helped in the building of community skateparks in the US.


Kip Christian Moore

Kip Moore is a 39-year-old American singer-songwriter. The Comeback Kid Skatepark Project of Kip Moore oversees the establishment of several skateparks in the United States.

Through his project, a skatepark was built at San Marcos, Texas. Other skateparks are soon to be opened at Boston, Tennessee, Nashville, and Massachusetts.

Tommy Guerrero

Before becoming a singer, Tommy Guerrero was an American professional skateboarder. Tommy Guerrero and the members of a well-known skateboarding team The Bones Brigade supported the Tony Hawk Foundation.

This foundation was created by Tommy’s co skateboarder Tony Hawk to construct safe and legal skateparks. In 2018, the foundation received $5.8 million USD for building 596 skateparks.

Brian Philip Welch

People know him well by his stage name Head. He is an American singer and songwriter. He left the Korn band after he became a born again Christian to pursue hisown solo career and to focus on being a father.

Brain “Head” Welch said in his interview with MTV News that he wanted to make songs and use all the money to build skateparks for kids. However, there seems to be no news yet regarding any updates on the construction of the skatepark projects of Welch.

Jeffrey Allen Ament

Jeff Ament is an American singer-songwriter and a bassist for the multi-awarded rock band called Pearl Jam. He has helped fund the building of 23 skateparks since 2000. These are world-class skateparks that are built across Montana.

These American singers have used their fame and passion to contribute meaningfully to society. It is not just their music that makes them legendary, but also through the skateparks they helped build.

Of course, you don’t need to become a famous singer to able to help the community. One way to help these singer philanthropists, and in doing so be part of their cause, is to grab a copy of their latest music albums.

Latest Music Albums

Here are the latest music albums of our featured American singers who helped in funding the constructions of skateparks.

“Slowheart” – Kip Moore

It is the 3rd studio album which contains 13 songs. The music genres of the album are country pop, country rock, heartland rock, and roots rock.

“Road toKnowwhere” – Tommy Guerrero

This album contains 5 songs of different music genres like hip hop, jazz, funk, downtempo, and soul.

“The Serenity of Suffering” – Brian Welch

It has 11 songs which are purely NU metal and alternative metal. This is his 12th studio album.

“1984 Demos” – Jeff Ament

There are 9 rock songs on this album. This is under the Green River band.

So, there you have the latest albums of the 4 popular American singers who are making history in both the music industry and in society. We recommend to have one of these albums and also support their cause.