3 Guitarists Who Got Fired and Their Lives in 2019

The most important instrumentalist in the band is no other than the lead guitarist. It is the lead guitarist’s style that gives the group its unique sound. However, there are times that a group fires their own lead guitarists for many reasons.

Famous American Band Guitarists Who Were Fired

Here are some of the famous American band guitarists who were fired just before their band had a commercial breakthrough in the music industry and how they are now in 2019.

Jason Rosanoff Cropper


Jason Cropper was born on June 27, 1971, at Oakland, California. He is an American musician who is popularly known as one of the original members of the band Weezer. However, he was fired and replaced by Brian Bell.

He left the band in 1993 and the following year was the commercial breakthrough of Weezer.

Now, Jason Cropper is the owner of Vintage King Audio, Inc. This company provides the best gear, advice, and personal service anywhere for all of the clients’ sonic journeys. They have cutting-edge digital gear and music-creation technology for music producers.

Jason Mark Everman


Jason Everman, 51 years old, is the most cited American guitarist who made a 360 turn on his music career. He joined Nirvana as a second guitarist but was fired in 1989. Two years later, Nirvana had its commercial breakthrough.

Of course, almost everybody knows that he became a soldier after his music career ended. He has also hiked the Himalayas and lived as a monk.  On the 20th of May 2019, Jason Everman will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Columbia University School of General Studies.

David Scott Mustaine


Aside from being a well-known American guitarist and singer-songwriter, Dave Mustaine is also an actor and author. He was born at La Messa, California on September 13, 1961.

He was the original lead guitarist of Metallica, however, he got fired and replaced by Kirk Hammett in 1983. Metallica had its commercial breakthrough three years after he left the band.

He continued his music career and co-founded the Megadeth heavy metal band. This year he’ll have a very busy year with recordings and concert tours.

It may sound like a cliché but it is true that everything happens for a reason. All of us regardless of whether we are a celebrity or not is bound to change and what we should never do is regret the past.

There you have it! Well, before you read the other posts, please read more about the music genres of the three American band guitarists featured in this post.

Music Genres of Our Featured American Band Guitarists

Here are the music genres of our featured 3 American band guitarists, and a little definition of these types of music they played.

Jason Cropper

His music genre is punkrock music. It is a broad genre which has heavy metal, punk music, alternative rock, and other 19 subgenres.

Jason Everman

He loves alternative metal, grunge, heavy metal, grind core, and hardcore punk. These are all subgenres of rock music.

Dave Mustaine

Mustaine’s music genres are thrash metal, heavy metal, speed metal, and hard rock; which are all subgenres of rock music.

We hope that you are inspired by the life events of these famous American guitarists who were fired from their original band but have moved on. No matter what happens just stay positive!

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