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Billboard’s Top 5 Female Singers Who Are High School Graduates

Billboard has recently released its list of top 40 Pop Songs for April 2019. And, since graduation days on June is fast approaching; we decided here at The Bank Club to have a throwback on the schools where some of these famous Billboard female pop singers graduated from. There were 10 female singers listedon Billboard, and interestingly only 5 of…


4 Singers Who Helped in Building Community Skate parks

Community skateparks have immense social and economic significance. It is intentionally created for skateboarding. As an action sport, skateboarding primarily uses a skateboard in riding and performing tricks. Singers Who Helped Build Skateparks Here are the 4 famous American singers who significantly helped in the building of community skateparks in the US. Kip Christian Moore Kip Moore is a 39-year-old…