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5 Billboard’s Top Female Singers Who Are High School Graduates

Billboard has recently released its list of top 40 Pop Songs for April 2019. And, since graduation days on June is fast approaching; we decided here at The Bank Club to have a throwback on the schools where some of these famous Billboard female pop singers graduated from. There were 10 female singers listedon Billboard, and interestingly only 5 of…


4 Singers Who Helped in Building Community Skate parks

Community skateparks have immense social and economic significance. It is intentionally created for skateboarding. As an action sport, skateboarding primarily uses a skateboard in riding and performing tricks. Singers Who Helped Build Skateparks Here are the 4 famous American singers who significantly helped in the building of community skateparks in the US. Kip Christian Moore Kip Moore is a 39-year-old…