5 Living Male American Rock Singers Who Fought Depression

One of the trending news in the music industry is about Justin Bieber’s treatment for depression. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or simply called depression is a type of mental disorder. According to NIMH, 7.1% of the total US adult population are suffering from MDD. We did a little research on some of the famous male American rock singers who battled…

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4 Perks of Learning How to Make Your Own Music

If you are a musician, you’ll be able to agree that making your own music is a true treat. You’ll also be able to understand that it holds many benefits. If you are not a musician, but you have been toying with the idea before, you might need a nudge to put thought to action.

While it requires discipline and perseverance, the rewards and benefits really make up for it. That’s what we’ll be focusing on in this post.

Making Music Improves Health

Did you know that making music is actually great for stress-relief? It also lowers blood pressure and improves your immune system. Making your own music has, in fact, many health benefits, even if you continue singing or playing into your golden years.

Making Music Boosts Self-esteem

Whether you dream of becoming a popular musician or just want to play for yourself and your family, performing music has its own set of perks. It can be very daunting to get up in front of a bunch of people, even if its people you know. Once you’ve played your song, you’ll feel great, which will also ripple through to other areas of your life.

Making Music Improves Discipline

Whether you are learning how to play the piano or write lyrics or even compose, it’s going to take discipline and perseverance. This will not only improve your skills, but other areas of your life will benefit from your newfound discipline too.

Making Music Encourages Camaraderie

If you are making music with friends or decide to start your own band, you’ll be working alongside other musicians. This is great for boosting and encouraging teamwork, as you’ll have to work in sync with your fellow musicians. You’ll find that this characteristic will improve your sense of teamwork in your life in general.

As you can see, there are loads of perks to becoming a musician. Are you ready to commit and discover your inner musician? We hope you’ve found some inspiration here.



5 Living Male American Rock Singers Who Fought Depression

One of the trending news in the music industry is about Justin Bieber’s treatment for depression. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or simply called depression is a type of mental disorder.

According to NIMH, 7.1% of the total US adult population are suffering from MDD. We did a little research on some of the famous male American rock singers who battled against depression and who are still alive today. Check it out!

Famous American Singers Fighting Depression

Here are some of the popular male American rock singers who once suffered from depression.


Randy Blythe

David Randall Blythe is known to be the lead vocalist and lyricist of the band Lamb of God. It is an American heavy metal band. Randy’s music genres are mostly subgenres of rock music such as groove metal, thrash metal, hardcore punk, and death metal.

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Howsmon Davis or popularly called JD is the lead vocalist and front man of Korn. It is an American nu metal band. His music genres are of course nu metal, alternative metal, heavy metal, electronica, industrial metal, and heavy metal.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen is known to be the leader of E Street Band. He is nicknamed “The Boss”. He received 20 Grammy awards so far. The music genres of Bruce are rock, rock and roll, heartland rock, and folk-rock.

James Taylor

James Vernon Taylor is a five-time Grammy award winner. He is both singer-songwriter and guitarist. James Taylor is considered to be one of the best-selling music artists. He plays rock, pop, folk rock, soft rock, country folk, and Christmas music.

Gerard Way

Gerard Arthur Way is known to be the lead vocalist and co-founder of My Chemical Romance. He is also a comic book writer; in fact, he received several awards for his comic book series.His music genres are alternative rock, punk rock, emo, pop punk, and post-hardcore.

There you have the 5 male American rock singers who fought against depression. What is common among them are of course the typical symptoms of MDD.

If you are experiencing sadness or depression for at least 2 weeks paired with low self-esteem, we recommend that you visit a psychologist.

Now that you know them more, why don’t you check out their upcoming events and tours below? Attending concerts of these depression survivors will make you happier.

Upcoming Concerts and Tours of Our Featured Singers

Here are the upcoming concert and tour dates of these 5 American male rock singers who were successful in fighting against depression. We personally checked out for their dates.

James Taylor

He has 12 concerts and tours for this year starting from April 17 to May 11. For the month of April 17, 19 – 20, 24, 26 -27, he’ll be at Las Vegas, NV – The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

There you have it. If you have a very close friend whom you think suffers from depression, we recommend that you call him right now and tell him or her that you are buying a concert ticket for the both of you.

Make your close friend happy because she or he needs you now the most.


6 Sensational Artists on YouTube and Their Music Genres

YouTube has become a new platform for people who want to become instant celebrities online. There are millions or even billions of people watching and subscribing to channels on YouTube. Also, not all famous celebrities get the spotlight on YouTube.

We did a little research and checked the actual counts of the most popular and most subscribed channels of singer personalities. Here are the top 5 most subscribed channels of singers based on the number of subscribers.

Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber’s channel has a total number of subscribers of 44,228,948. This 25-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter is famous for Pop and R&B music. He can also play the guitar.


Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher “Ed Sheeran” Sheeran’s YouTube channel has 38,037,411 subscribers. It has a total of 123 videos. He is a 28-year-old English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor. He sings different kinds of music genres such as pop, folk-pop, and hip hop.


This YouTube channel is the account of Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem’s real name. To date, it has about 36,959,247 subscribers. His channel has 202 videos. Eminem is a famous American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. His music genre is hip hop.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande-Butera also sings pop and R&B. Her channel has 34,768,901 subscribers with 235 uploaded videos. She’s a 25-year-old American singer-songwriter and actress. She has been nominated and received various awards from Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and 31 other awards.

Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson has 32,891,884 subscribers. She has 221 uploaded videos on her channel. Katy Perry is an American singer-songwriter and famous TV judge.  She is also a pop and R&B singer who can play the guitar.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift’s genres are pop and country music. Her channel has a total of 32,670,643 subscribers with 242 uploaded videos. This 29-year-old American singer-songwriter who can play the guitar is one of the leading contemporary recording artists in the world.

These singers are truly gifted with their singing talent. They owe their fame to the millions of fans who are also subscribing to their YouTube channels.

I hope they would also realize to give back the blessings they received through humanitarian projects like those singers who helped build community skateparks.


4 Billboard 2019 Female Pop Singers Who Play the Guitar

Not all singers can actually play the guitar. If you agree with me, I would say singing is an inborn talent; but playing the guitar is a skill to master. We looked at the Billboard’s list of the Top 40 female pop singers in 2019 so far and conducted a little wiki research to see who can actually play the guitar.

Here are the 4 female pop singers listed in Billboard who can play various instruments especially the guitar.

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane

Halsey is a 24-year-old American singer-songwriter. She was born in Edison, New Jersey. Her song “Without Me” is ranked as 3rd in Billboard charts of Top 40 in 2019.

The song “Eastside” by Benny Blanco, Halsey, & Khalid has ranked 6th in the Billboard list. When she was 14 years old, she could already play the violin, viola, cello, and guitar.

Bleta “Bebe” Rexha

BebeRexha is also an American singer-songwriter. She was born in New York City, New York on August 30, 1989. Last Hurry is ranked 23rdon the Billboard’s list of Top 40 pop songs in 2019. Rexha can play the trumpet and she also taught herself how to play the guitar.

Alessia Caracciolo

Alessia Cara is a 22-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter. She was born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Her song “Out of Love” is ranked 31ston the Billboard’s list of Top 40 pop songs in 2019.

She could play the guitar at age 10. She also plays various other instruments such as ukulele and piano.

Elena Jane Goulding

Ellie Goulding was born in Herford, England. She’s 32 years old and a singer-songwriter. The song “Close to Me” by Ellie Goulding, Diplo, &Swae Lee is ranked 2ndon the Billboard’s list of Top 40 pop songs in 2019.

As early as 9 years old, she could already play the clarinet. She then started learning how to play the guitar by the age of 14.

Becoming successful in the music industry does not entail beauty and talent, but having skill in playing the guitar will surely add up to the singer’s fame. Why don’t you try to start honing your skill in guitar playing or other musical instruments?

You never know, you can be the next celebrity singer and guitarist.

In the other posts, we featured different rock music subgenres and the famous band guitarists. Hence, it’s just right and fitting to also get to know more about these singers by their music genres.

Favorite Music Genres of the Featured Singers

Here are the featured pop singers who ranked on the Billboard’s Top 40 pop songs and their music genres.


Her music genres are pop, electropop, synth-pop, and indie pop.


She loves to sing pop, R&B, and EDM.

Alessia Cara

R&B, pop, and soul music are her type of genre she loves to sing.

Ellie Goulding

Her types of music are electropop, synth-pop, indie pop, and folktronica.

Pop musicis a genre of popular music that originated in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1950s. Pop and Rock were synonymous terms in the 1960s. This may explain why these singers also love playing the guitar because pop music is very related to rock music.


3 Guitarists Who Got Fired and Their Lives in 2019

The most important instrumentalist in the band is no other than the lead guitarist. It is the lead guitarist’s style that gives the group its unique sound. However, there are times that a group fires their own lead guitarists for many reasons.

Famous American Band Guitarists Who Were Fired

Here are some of the famous American band guitarists who were fired just before their band had a commercial breakthrough in the music industry and how they are now in 2019.

Jason Rosanoff Cropper


Jason Cropper was born on June 27, 1971, at Oakland, California. He is an American musician who is popularly known as one of the original members of the band Weezer. However, he was fired and replaced by Brian Bell.

He left the band in 1993 and the following year was the commercial breakthrough of Weezer.

Now, Jason Cropper is the owner of Vintage King Audio, Inc. This company provides the best gear, advice, and personal service anywhere for all of the clients’ sonic journeys. They have cutting-edge digital gear and music-creation technology for music producers.

Jason Mark Everman


Jason Everman, 51 years old, is the most cited American guitarist who made a 360 turn on his music career. He joined Nirvana as a second guitarist but was fired in 1989. Two years later, Nirvana had its commercial breakthrough.

Of course, almost everybody knows that he became a soldier after his music career ended. He has also hiked the Himalayas and lived as a monk.  On the 20th of May 2019, Jason Everman will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Columbia University School of General Studies.

David Scott Mustaine


Aside from being a well-known American guitarist and singer-songwriter, Dave Mustaine is also an actor and author. He was born at La Messa, California on September 13, 1961.

He was the original lead guitarist of Metallica, however, he got fired and replaced by Kirk Hammett in 1983. Metallica had its commercial breakthrough three years after he left the band.

He continued his music career and co-founded the Megadeth heavy metal band. This year he’ll have a very busy year with recordings and concert tours.

It may sound like a cliché but it is true that everything happens for a reason. All of us regardless of whether we are a celebrity or not is bound to change and what we should never do is regret the past.

There you have it! Well, before you read the other posts, please read more about the music genres of the three American band guitarists featured in this post.

Music Genres of Our Featured American Band Guitarists

Here are the music genres of our featured 3 American band guitarists, and a little definition of these types of music they played.

Jason Cropper

His music genre is punkrock music. It is a broad genre which has heavy metal, punk music, alternative rock, and other 19 subgenres.

Jason Everman

He loves alternative metal, grunge, heavy metal, grind core, and hardcore punk. These are all subgenres of rock music.

Dave Mustaine

Mustaine’s music genres are thrash metal, heavy metal, speed metal, and hard rock; which are all subgenres of rock music.

We hope that you are inspired by the life events of these famous American guitarists who were fired from their original band but have moved on. No matter what happens just stay positive!


Billboard’s Top 5 Female Singers Who Are High School Graduates

Billboard has recently released its list of top 40 Pop Songs for April 2019. And, since graduation days on June is fast approaching; we decided here at The Bank Club to have a throwback on the schools where some of these famous Billboard female pop singers graduated from.

There were 10 female singers listedon Billboard, and interestingly only 5 of them were actually high school graduates.

Here are the only known 5 female singers who have a high school diploma.


Taylor Alison Swift

Taylor Swift is a 29-year-old American singer-songwriter. Her music genres are pop and country. She also plays guitar, banjo, and piano. Taylor graduated from The Wyndcroft School.

Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao

Camila Cabello is a pop and R&B Cuban-American singer-songwriter. She just turned 22 last March 3. She’s a high school graduate from Miami Palmetto Senior High School.

Onika Tanya Maraj

Nicki Minaj is 36 years old and a rapper, singer-songwriter, model, and actress. She can’t play the guitar, but she can dance. She is an alumna of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

Ella Mai Howell

Ella Mai is a 24-year-old English singer-songwriter. She sings R&B, hip hop, and pop. She is a graduate of British & Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) Brighton.

Demetria Devonne Lovato

Demi Lovato is an American singer-songwriter and actress who can play guitar, piano, and drums. She’s 26 years old and her music genres are pop, pop rock, and R&B.

Only a few celebrities have a college or high school diploma. Many of them have been very busy with their careers. These 5 female singers from the Billboard list showed us that they are not just talented but are also educated.

We know that many of us are fans of one of these singers featured; so, we decided to include their upcoming concerts here.

Nicki Minaj

There are 66 upcoming tours at Washington, DC-Capital Arena; Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena; Toronto, Canda – Scotiabank Arena; Newark, NJ – Prudential Center; DallasTX – American Airlines Center; and Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome. Exact dates are yet to be announced.

Ella Mai

She has 25 events or tours from April 17 to September 25, 2019. April 28 & 29, she’ll be at Columbus, OH – Express Live and Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room at Old National Center. There are 10 concerts and tours she’ll perform at in the following month.

There you have the information on the upcoming tours and concerts of these popular singers for this year 2019. You can check out to see the exact dates and locations of the celebrities’ events.


5 Extraordinary Kids Playing Punk Music on YouTube

Punk is a popular music genre which originated from rock and roll of the early 1950s in the United States. It has at least 22 sub-genres and its typical musical instruments are electric guitar and bass guitar.

Classically, rock music is played by adults using an electric guitar. Here are some extraordinary kids who playpunk music and have millions of views making them popular on YouTube.

The Mini Band

The uploaded YouTube video “Enter Sandman Metallica by The Mini Band” has 14 million views to date. Metallica is an American band playing heavy metal that has received a number of Grammy awards.

The talented punk rock star members of The Mini Band are all children from the UK ages 8 to 10 years old. They are Zoe Thomson, Harry Jackson, Kieran Fell, Harrison Read, Charlie Emmons, and Archie Zolotuhin. They love to play heavy metal, a genre of rock music.

Aidan Fisher

This 11-year-old kid performed Eruption and You Really Got Me with Steel Panther. The video has 13 million views. Steel Panther’s music genres are comedy rock, glam metal, and heavy metal. Glam metal is a subgenre of heavy metal which has a blend of pop-influenced hooks and guitar riffs.

Yuto Miyazawa

The video showing Yuto Miyazawa, a Japanese kid, playing Crazy Train on electric guitar with Ozzy has 12 million views on YouTube. John Michael Osbourne or popularly called Ozzy was the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath. The band plays heavy metal.

Ryan Watson

This 9-year-old kid’s YouTube video has a total of 7.9 million views on YouTube. The title of the video uploaded was “Rock the Farm” and features 9-year-old Ryan Watson covering “Crazy Train” with his band Unavailable.

In the video, Ryan Watson was playing the song Crazy Train. This song was the first single of Ozzy Osbourne’s debut solo album called Blizzard of Ozz in 1980.

WJM Band

The name of the band is an acronym which stands for William, Jeremy, and Max. The video which showed Jeremy playing the guitar has 5.3 million views on YouTube. The title of the YouTube video is “6th-grade band WJM performs halftime of Stanford game”.

These 6th graders of the WJM Band were playing the TNT. It is a song from the hard rock band AC/DC in 1975. Hard rock is a subgenre of rock music that is characterized by heavy use of aggressive vocals.

These kids are absolutely amazing. I could never do that when I was their age. They are definitely extraordinary.Their parents must be very proud of them. And, I’m pretty sure they would go places with their extraordinary talent.  Indeed, there is a brighter future for kids who love music.

How to Start a Punk Band!

From Visually.


4 Singers Who Helped in Building Community Skate parks

Community skateparks have immense social and economic significance. It is intentionally created for skateboarding. As an action sport, skateboarding primarily uses a skateboard in riding and performing tricks.

Singers Who Helped Build Skateparks

Here are the 4 famous American singers who significantly helped in the building of community skateparks in the US.


Kip Christian Moore

Kip Moore is a 39-year-old American singer-songwriter. The Comeback Kid Skatepark Project of Kip Moore oversees the establishment of several skateparks in the United States.

Through his project, a skatepark was built at San Marcos, Texas. Other skateparks are soon to be opened at Boston, Tennessee, Nashville, and Massachusetts.

Tommy Guerrero

Before becoming a singer, Tommy Guerrero was an American professional skateboarder. Tommy Guerrero and the members of a well-known skateboarding team The Bones Brigade supported the Tony Hawk Foundation.

This foundation was created by Tommy’s co skateboarder Tony Hawk to construct safe and legal skateparks. In 2018, the foundation received $5.8 million USD for building 596 skateparks.

Brian Philip Welch

People know him well by his stage name Head. He is an American singer and songwriter. He left the Korn band after he became a born again Christian to pursue hisown solo career and to focus on being a father.

Brain “Head” Welch said in his interview with MTV News that he wanted to make songs and use all the money to build skateparks for kids. However, there seems to be no news yet regarding any updates on the construction of the skatepark projects of Welch.

Jeffrey Allen Ament

Jeff Ament is an American singer-songwriter and a bassist for the multi-awarded rock band called Pearl Jam. He has helped fund the building of 23 skateparks since 2000. These are world-class skateparks that are built across Montana.

These American singers have used their fame and passion to contribute meaningfully to society. It is not just their music that makes them legendary, but also through the skateparks they helped build.

Of course, you don’t need to become a famous singer to able to help the community. One way to help these singer philanthropists, and in doing so be part of their cause, is to grab a copy of their latest music albums.

Latest Music Albums

Here are the latest music albums of our featured American singers who helped in funding the constructions of skateparks.

“Slowheart” – Kip Moore

It is the 3rd studio album which contains 13 songs. The music genres of the album are country pop, country rock, heartland rock, and roots rock.

“Road toKnowwhere” – Tommy Guerrero

This album contains 5 songs of different music genres like hip hop, jazz, funk, downtempo, and soul.

“The Serenity of Suffering” – Brian Welch

It has 11 songs which are purely NU metal and alternative metal. This is his 12th studio album.

“1984 Demos” – Jeff Ament

There are 9 rock songs on this album. This is under the Green River band.

So, there you have the latest albums of the 4 popular American singers who are making history in both the music industry and in society. We recommend to have one of these albums and also support their cause.